Skill Connect™ Assessments

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Skill Connect™ Assessments are online assessments that evaluate technical and employability skills and knowledge through drag-and-drop, simulations and other question forms. A certificate is earned upon achieving a passing score at completion of a Skill Connect Assessment, available to print when a student takes the assessment with a qualified proctor.  Students passing one of the Print ED co-branded assessments will receive a Student Certification valid for two years.

If an employer wants to learn more about the certificate, invite them to visit our website.
The Skill Connect™ Certificate is a significant achievement, which documents the student's knowledge and hands-on abilities to meet industry expectations. These are the specific industry skills evaluated to achieve the Skill Connect™ Certificate.
Industry Assessment passed to receive the Skill Connect™ Certificate.
Student Name
The industry partners who defined standards for the Skill Connect™ Assessment. These logos give merit to the certificate when a recipient talks to potential employers.

Assessments are available in more than 40 trade, industrial and technical areas. We have maintained a rigorous and educationally sound process to capture critical competencies, standards and criteria as defined by industry. Skill Connect™ Assessments may be used to identify individual educational needs as pre-assessments, to identify proficiency levels at the completion of a program of study or to prepare for the industry certification processes. To see what we're talking about, Click here view one of our demos.

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