Testing Instructions

Follow the steps below and read the section “Important Information” to ensure a successful test day.

Step #1:

Verify your hardware meets the necessary requirements so that questions with graphics, videos and sound function properly. Note: Some assessments require a media player.

Test your computer’s Hardware and Software Requirements

Downloadable Hardware and Software Requirements

Step #2

Prepare students and proctors for testing.

Step #3
Voucher Distribution

Student testing instructions (student username creation, redeeming a voucher and steps on how to take the assessment)

Batch Username upload (create multiple usernames in the system with one easy batch upload)

Take the Assessment Now/Enroll Student
Click on the above link to launch to the test system or browse to: www.skillconnect.org

Step #4

Instructions on how to access grade reports

Important Information

  • License expiration date: Assessment tests/vouchers are valid for one year from purchase date. Unused vouchers are non refundable and will be void if not used by the one year expiration date. The assessments can be scheduled any day or time that a proctor is available for supervision.
  • Time it takes to complete: There are 50 questions per assessment and will take approximately 1 hour to 1.5 hours to complete. The test is not timed. Once the student begins the test they must finish without interruption. 
  • Accommodations are available for students with special needs. Students with special needs (i.e. students with Individual Education Plans) may receive reasonable accommodations for their special needs provided that those accommodations do not compromise assessment integrity. A reader is permitted as long as the reader is not an instructor in the assessment area being administered.  Computer programs such as Reader Client are permitted. Our tests are not timed. Student may take as long as the school permits to complete the assessment
  • Reassessments: Students, who are unsuccessful in achieving a passing grade, or those who wish to improve their score is permitted by purchasing a second assessment. Testing a student at the beginning of a course curriculum and again at the end is permitted by purchasing both a pretest and a standard post test. SkillsUSA recommends you check with your Department of Education before purchasing a second test to verify that retesting the same student is permitted in your state.
  • Assign a proctor A proctor can be an administrator, or another professional within the school/organization system. The proctor can be an instructor but should not be an instructor in the same area of study as the assessment area. A student cannot proctor the assessment. The proctor is a volunteer position. Theschool/organization is responsible for ensuring you are abiding to state education privacy laws when selecting a proctor.
  • PC users: Ensure your CAPS Lock & NUM Lock keys are turned off.

Technical Support

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