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SkillsUSA Writing assessments that reach more than 40 diverse technical areas takes a tremendous amount of coordination with education and industry leaders. SkillsUSA has been successful for more than 40 years because of its industry partnerships. The Work Force Ready System builds upon those partnerships.

Committees of industry representatives develop standards for each technical assessment. These dedicated leaders ensure periodic updating and relevance to each industry.

SkillsUSA also regularly consults with a Technical Advisory Committee, a group of industry and education leaders who provides thought leadership at major milestones of our development.

The SkillsUSA team is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of empowering students to be champions in the work place. With that mission in mind, we are dedicated to delivering assessments that are differentiated from typical end-of-program assessments in their unique ability to test candidates’ skill levels more accurately.

Professional psychometricians and comprehensive field testing ensure that each assessment accurately measures every candidates' competency.