Exciting Skill Connect Assessment Details!

We offer over 40 technical, employability and customer service assessments that include ASE automotive and PrintED assessments.

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Customer Service: To complement the assessment we also offer a online Customer Service program that trains students on the practical skills required by customer service professionals. This new program aligns with the content of the Work Force Ready System Skill Connect Assessment. For more information on the training program visit: www.skillsusa.org/store/


  • Assessments may be used to identify individual educational needs as pre-assessments, to identify proficiency levels at the completion of a program of study or to prepare for industry certifications.
  • Purchase the assessments now and use them to test students any time during the school year. Tests are valid one year from date of purchase.
  • You can test one student at a time or test the whole class.


We are offering a low price of $10 per assessment for SkillsUSA members and $20 per assessment for non-members. For additional pricing information and acceptable forms of payment visit our Web site.

Assessment Year-end Review

Over the summer we review selected assessment areas with industry subject matters for updates and evaluation of cut scores. Each assessment will be reviewed within a three year time span and changes will be made based on subject matter expert recommendations. 

Read All About It

We recently streamlined our Work Force Ready System Web site to make information more accessible. Our most popular assessment links can be found on the home page giving you immediate access to purchase or demo assessments. Read all about our Skill Connect Assessments at: www.workforcereadysystem.org.


Take a FREE 10 question Skill Connect Assessment demonstration at: www.workforcereadysystem.org/demo.shtml

Partner Assessments in automotive and graphics

ASE/AYES, NATEF - Our partnership to offer automotive assessments through ASE, AYES, NATEF will continue through the academic year. For more information on pricing and ordering automotive assessments visit ASE’s website at: www.NA3SA.com

PrintED/GAERF- We partnered with PrintED to offer Skill Connect Assessments in Advertising Design, Graphic Communications, Screen Printing Technology, Digital File Preparation/Digital File Output and Offset Press Operations/Binding & Finishing.

Visit the page below for details on our partnership at: www.workforcereadysystem.org/printed.shtml.

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“Everything went very well when my students took the Skill Connect Assessments. It was easy to enroll, and I was very pleased with the scores.”

Jerry Delgado - North Kansas City School District

Executive Director, SkillsUSA

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Our excitement about these assessments continues to grow as we hear positive feedback from the field. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can also purchase assessments, experience a 10-question demonstration or view a complete list of assessments.

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