October 2016

NEW! PrintED student certification assessments now available for purchase!

  • Digital Production Printing, This Digital Production Printing assessment tests a student’s knowledge and skills within operational, technical and business subjects in the commercial printing industry. Topics addressed within the assessment are specific to digital production printing including digital imaging technology, common printed applications, production workflows, operational procedures, estimating and measurement. The Digital Production Printing assessment test questions are aligned with the current GAERF GCSC Digital Production Printing competencies.
  • Introduction to Graphic Communications, The Introduction to Graphic Communications assessment tests a student’s overall understanding of the industry and its major operations, which includes a basic understanding of digital file preparation, image capture, color theory, digital file output, press operations, bindery operations, measurement, safety and first aid, basic math, job application and interpersonal skills. This assessment will replace the current Graphic Design assessment which will be discontinued for purchase at the end of May, 2017. Vouchers purchased prior to the discontinued date can still be used one year from date of purchase or can be swapped out for any of our available Skill Connect Assessments listed at:
  • Coming soon in the 2017-18 school year! Graphic Design. This assessment will replace the current Advertising Design assessment which is scheduled to be discontinued for purchase in May, 2018. Vouchers purchased prior to the discontinued date can still be used one year from date of purchase or can be swapped out for any of our available Skill Connect Assessments listed at: See the blueprints that describes the standards and competencies of each assessment and the Teacher Preparation Guides at:
  • NEW feature available! Create multiple usernames in the system prior to testing with one easy batch upload! Go to: and click on the instructions under step #3, Batch Username Upload.

Exciting Skill Connect Assessment Details
We offer over 40 technical, employability and customer service assessments that include ASE automotive and PrintED assessments.

Click here for a list of assessment areas.

Customer Service: To complement the assessment we also offer a online Customer Service program that trains students on the practical skills required by customer service professionals. This new program aligns with the content of the Work Force Ready System Skill Connect Assessment. For more information on the training program visit:

Assessments may be used to identify individual educational needs as pre-assessments, to identify proficiency levels at the completion of a program of study or to prepare for industry certifications.

Purchase the assessments now and use them to test students any time during the school year. Tests are valid one year from date of purchase.

You can test one student at a time or test the whole class.

We are offering a low price of $10 per assessment for SkillsUSA members and $20 per assessment for non-members. For additional pricing information and acceptable forms of payment visit our Web site.

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Partner Assessments in automotive and graphics
ASE/AYES, NATEF – Our partnership to offer automotive assessments through ASE, AYES, NATEF will continue through the academic year. For more information on pricing and ordering automotive assessments visit ASE’s website at:

PrintED/GAERF- We partnered with PrintED to offer six Skill Connect Assessments; Graphic Design, Introduction to Graphic Communications, Screen Printing Technology, Digital File Preparation/Digital File Output, Digital Production Printing and Offset Press Operations/Binding & Finishing.

Visit this page for details on our partnership.

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