Testing Instructions

Follow the steps below and read the section “Important Information” to ensure a successful test day.

Step #1
Ensure your hardware & software is test ready prior to test day.
Test your computer's Hardware and Software Requirements
Downloadable Hardware and Software Requirements

Assessments Audio-Radio Production, Television Video Production and Computer Maintenance require a media player for sound which is not verified in the above system configuration test. See the Downloadable Hardware and Software Requirements for a recommended free media player download.

Step #2
Prepare for Testing

Read the following documents prior to test day.

Step #3
Voucher Distribution
Student testing instructions (student username creation, redeeming a voucher and steps on how to take the assessment)
Take the Assessment Now/Enroll Student
Click on the above link to launch to the test system or browse to http://www.skillconnect.org

Step #4
Instructions on how to access grade reports

Important Information

Technical Support